Appointment Scheduling with Teams/Zoom Integration

At FastDox we understand that productivity and effective communication are paramount, especially when juggling numerous appointments, internal meetings, and customer engagements. While there are numerous tools out there that promise to streamline your scheduling and appointment-management tasks, combining the robust capabilities of Microsoft Teams and Zoom with an advanced appointment scheduling system brings you an unparalleled suite of benefits.

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The combination of Microsoft Teams and Zoom with our dedicated appointment scheduling system offers a powerhouse of features designed to maximise productivity, improve client interaction, and enhance internal communication. Whether you want to book appointments for your clients or allow them to schedule their own appointments FastDox does this with ease. Ensuring appointments are scheduled and assigned to the right people at the right time. Our dynamic AI reminders will eradicate No Shows, and with Microsoft Outlook integration appointment management couldn’t be easier with the FastDox platform.

Key Features & Benefits

Centralised Communication Our appointment tools, and appointment scheduling simplifies the process of organising and tracking upcoming engagements. You can confirm new appointments, reschedule existing ones, and have everything sync seamlessly with MS Outlook, MS Teams and Zoom. Our centralised client management system and client portal eliminates the need to toggle between different applications and ensures everyone is on the same page.

Streamlined Client Interaction Imagine a client or prospect wants to book a meeting with you. Instead of a long email chain or multiple phone calls to find a suitable time, the appointment scheduling tool allows them to view an individual or teams availability and book a slot that works for both parties. This not only enhances the client experience but also frees up your time to focus on tasks that truly require your attention.

Real-time Collaboration The true value of Microsoft Teams & Zoom lies in its collaboration features—document sharing, co-authoring, and real-time edits. When you integrate the FastDox appointment scheduling, you’re able to instantly share related documents captured within the FastDox Client Management System. This streamlines the workflow, allowing team members to prepare more efficiently for upcoming appointments.

Automated Reminders and Notifications One of the common pitfalls in appointment management is the risk of no-shows or last-minute cancellations. The integrated scheduling tool can automate reminders and notifications, sending them directly through SMS, Email & WhatsApp. This ensures that all participants are aware of upcoming commitments, thereby reducing the likelihood of missed appointments. Our dynamic AI reminders will ensure these messages are sent and the most optimal time to ensure the very highest open rates and engagement.

Scalability As your business grows, your appointment scheduling needs will also evolve. The scalability of our appointment management allows you to effortlessly add more team members and adjust to increasing demands without compromising on efficiency or client experience.

Global Reach No matter where you or your clients reside the FastDox appointment scheduling works across multiple time zones ensuring everyone turns up at the right time.

In-Depth Analytics We provides analytics and reporting features that can be incredibly beneficial when aligned with appointment scheduling. By analysing trends and metrics, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your scheduling processes further.

FastDox all-in-one platform

Our all-in-one platform combines the power of 20 products into one customisable and brandable system. We have helped businesses consolidate multiple cumbersome existing individual products into one centralised and succinct solution whilst streamlining processes, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing conversions

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The support we have had from Fastdox in tailoring the product to our requirements has been first class and the on-going support excellent.

We are delighted with the Fastdox product and have no hesitation in recommending it to any other insolvency practice looking to implement a client portal.”

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StepChange Debt Charity

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Keil Malpass, Project Manager
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Mark Carroll, Operations Director
Goodwin Barrett

“The diversity and flexibility of FastDox has enabled us to request an unlimited amount of documents from clients including those to be signed, uploaded and verified, the simplicity of the user interface has helped immensely with the return of key documentation.”

Hanover Insolvency

"Great customer service and will always respond to queries quickly, FastDox have gone above and beyond in helping us becoming digitally streamlined."

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"FastDox's rich data and API integrations are helping us develop a seamless onboarding journey. This will reduce friction for customers and enable proactive management of their accounts. Excellent system which is incredibly feature rich!"

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"FastDox is an innovative product and a great Company to do business with, they are very easy to work with and always take a very personable approach with training, planning and configuration requirements. The team has worked closely with our own internal IT team to ensure the system connects seamlessly with our existing CRM and processes."


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Waiting for documents to be returned puts a huge strain on your productivity. With FastDox
82% of SMS received are actioned and completed within 20 minutes.


FastDox’s all-encompassing customer onboarding platform drives efficiency by ensuring all documents are returned and completed in record time. We believe there are no limits to success. Only admin. We want your staff to be focused on driving profit and improving your business performance not shuffling papers and playing telephone tennis. FastDox breaks the chain of endless amounts of phone calls, document chasing and email answering by automating tedious and time-consuming admin tasks.

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We provide a full consultancy service via our Customer Success Team.

We will work alongside your Operations Team to project manage a road map of success to ensure that integration is seamless, smooth and hassle free.

All businesses are different, and we will be happy to make suggestions to improve your processes and how FastDox will give you maximum return on investment, improve conversions and boost productivity.

We have open API and Webhooks available, so providing that you have access to API keys and Webhooks, we can integrate with ease to any CRM.

Our Customer Success Team are available to ensure your staff and users are fully trained and competent to use FastDox before going live.

We will conduct training on-site or remotely – it’s entirely your choice.

Once the initial training is completed, you will have access to your bespoke explainer and training videos.

These are made specifically for your business and a full “How to” suite of comprehensive training documentation and guides.

FastDox is fully self-configurable, therefore we will ensure your Operations Team will be proficient on making changes and providing ongoing training, but if you ever need us, just call, we are always happy to help.

Billing commences when you go live. We believe in making sure the system is built to your exact specifications before mutually signing off and being deployed in a live environment.

You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager; their role is to ensure that you are getting as much out of FastDox as possible.

They will be in regular contact and will keep you posted with further releases and new modules.

Your Account Manager can be contacted by phone, email and live chat. We are not faceless and are always happy to chat!

Any technical questions can be asked through our Service desk available 12 hour per day Monday to Friday

We have a large in-house development team, we can set companies live inside of 24 hours. We can work as fast as you need us to.